New Day - Over My Head
Words and Music by Alli Rogers, Matthew West

There I go again/Falling off the deep end/Looks
like I’m sinking into my old ways/I think I know it
all/That’s when I start to fall/Just can’t seem to
get it right these days/Just when I thought I was
going under/You were right there waiting in all your
wonder/The way you know me/It’s over my head/
The grace you show me/It’s over my head/I can’t
begin to comprehend/The way your mercy never
ends/It’s over my head/Sometimes it’s hard to
see/The very heart of me/I seem to wander where
I don’t belong/But every single day/You’re just a
prayer away/And in my weakness I know you are
strong/So, every time I think I’m going under/Lord,
help keep my eyes on you and all your wonder/It’s
so unbelievable/So inconceivable/Amazing love
how can it be

[(c) 2002 Word Music, Inc. (ASCAP),All rights reserved. Used by permission.]