New Day - New Day
Words and Music by Lydia Gott

Well it’s a new day/Oh It’s a new time/And there’s
a new way/I’m gonna live my life/Oh the old has
passed away/And the new has come/Praise
God, It’s brand new day/Looking back on yesterday/
There’s so much I regret/Trying to put the
past away/But it’s so hard to forget/But then over
the horizon/I see the dawn is drawing near/And
I realize the son did rise/Tomorrow’s finally here/
Sometimes when I wake up/I think about the
day before/And all the things that I’ve done/They
keep knocking at my door/Then I look outside my
window/At the glorious sunshine/And because I am
a new creation/I can leave it all behind/Because of
what He did for me/I am not afraid/So let’s come
together now and sing/It’s time to celebrate

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