New Day - It's A Matter Of Trust
Words and music by Lydia Gott, Kyle Gott and Dawn Weathersby

You take me into your confidence/Unveil every detail
of your plan/Draw me into your circumstance/In hopes
that I might understand/Though mercy reconciles/
Believing takes a while/It’s a matter of trust/It’s a leap
of faith/Won’t you hold my heart/While I watch and
wait/It’s the road I take/When I cannot see/Oh there’s
something you’re doing/Inside of me/It’s a matter of
trust/You take me into an upper room/Wash my feet
with tears of holy rain/Draw me into a sacred tomb/And
roll away all the years of pain/Though mercy reconciles/
Believing takes a while/You gave your body/You
gave your blood/So my humanness/You’ve understood

[© 2001 BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Used by permission.]