New Day - Invade
Music by Jason and Janelle Reinhart Lyrics by Janelle Reinhart

Sitting on the curb, just-a reading the Word/Waiting for
the bus to pick me up/Filling my mind/With the words
of life/Learning to be a witness of Your love/So I can
give a reason for the hope I’ve got/My life will be/A
living diary/Of the love you’ve written on the pages of my
life/That now make lovely poetry that surely testifies/Of
Your ever-loving goodness and Your mercy/Cuz I want
more of you and less of me/Invade my thoughts/Dive into
my soul/Permeate my heart/Lord take control/Invade my
thoughts/Consume all of me/ Rain down your love/And
Set me free/Oh Lord help me walk the talk/Teach me
to obey and learn to walk away/From the evil thoughts/
That invade my heart/Help me to grow in holiness/So
I can live in love and righteousness/That I may be/A
living tapestry/Of all the goodness you’ve weaved in my
life/That now make pretty colored patterns that testify/of
your ever-loving goodness and your mercy/Cuz I want
more of you and less of me/In You I live, in You I move,
In You I have my being

[©2001, Life-Vision Communications, SOCAN]