New Day - Even Greater
Words and Music by Joel Lindsey and Tony Wood

If all the rocks and rivers suddenly could sing/And the
valleys offered songs of praise to Heaven’s highest
King/If all the stars together, lighting up the sky/Shone
as one to spell the name of Him who reigns on high/
The wonders would only start/To tell how great You
are/Even greater than creation can confess/Even
greater than all of praises could express/If our words
of worship were drops of rain/That fell till all the seas
were filled/Oh great and mighty God /You’d be even
greater still/If we could hear the language of creatures
great and small/And heard them sing a chorus to the
Maker of us all/If every man and woman, every race
tribe and tongue/Cried out to the heavens to shout
Your name as one/Our voices could only start /To tell
how great you are/And when one day every knee bows
to Your name/Still that will not be enough for God, You

[© 1999 Newspring Publishing Inc./Paragon Music/Vacation Boy Music (ASCAP) All rights administered by Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.]