New Day - Children Everywhere
Words and Music by John Connelly and Gerald Montpetit

Children everywhere are crying out/Longing for someone
who will share/A cry for peace and justice/Do
we truly love? Do we care?/Isn’t it time for no more
hunger?/Isn’t it time every child has a chance?/In
every village, city and street/Isn’t it time love leads the
dance?/We will give - love is calling/We will give - for
the children everywhere/Do justice - love kindness/Be
the love of God and share/We will be the love of God
and share/Every one of us has a mission/Every one
of us so much to give/Every person has a reason/To
love and to be loved is why we live/It is time for a new
beginning/It is time that we truly learn to see/Whatsoever
you do to the least of my children/Jesus said,
you’ve done it to me/In giving we are instruments/In
giving we receive/God’s love flowing through us/Entering
into the living stream

[© 2001 Life-Vision Communications, SOCAN]