Living For Something - Fly

How many empty nights are you gonna put yourself through
Until you learn how to dream
How many lonely days living that same tired excuse
Before you finally see
This is it one shot, one chance, one time for you to turn it all around
One way, one lifetime baby, rise up rise up and don’t look down

Into this destiny
Don’t you be afraid
Into the air you breathe
Have a little faith
Ya and fly away

How many years gone by
Have you wasted telling yourself
There’s never gonna be much for me
Don’t you think it might be time
To pick your heart up off of that shelf
Take a look at who you could you be, Ya
Just maybe the right time baby is right now, right in front of your face
One shot, one chance for you to turn it all around and fly away

Fly away, to a life worth living
Fly away, this time baby it’s the beginning