Living For Something - Dying To Be With You

I see the agony behind her eyes
As her body’s slowing saying goodbye
Her feeble fingers hold tightly to her cross
As each day she gives in, to what she’s lost
And after all the surrender
Availed by angels in their splendor
Her Spirit remains strong
This is her song

I’m dying to love you
I’m dying to know you
I’m dying to see your face
I’m dying to give you all my pain and suffering
And when my strength is wearing thin
My will is dying to be with you

Though the wisdom of your will transcends my plea
I know you have a reason I can’t see
So let it sanctify my spirit and my soul
I’ll lay down my life you can make me whole
I believe the promise that you made
A bruised reed you will not break
And through the cross, I have Life
And I will rise