What I Gotta Say - What I Gotta Say

Look around the world, tell me do you like what you see
If you’re like me you’ll find, most of them are living aimlessly
All you gotta do is flip thru the channels, and they’re there on TV
Souls that are lost, yet bombarding us with lies, counterfeit and deceit

Are we gonna let them, tell us what to do
Or are we gonna stand tall, shock them all and
Stand up for the truth? Saying

No, No, No You will not silence my message
No, No, No You will not mock my God
Oh, Oh, Oh You will stop killing my generation
Oh, Oh, Oh and you will listen to what I’ve gotta say
Nobody’s gonna stop me

I am the first to say, it’s hard to live out what you believe
But are we gonna sit and watch, as they take off with our rights and morality
Only for them to tell us, we’re out of touch with reality
Well I got news for you, Christ is the Truth and in Him, we can claim liberty

Now that you know what’s right, the choice is up to you
Are you gonna shrink and seal your lips or
Stand up for the Truth? Singing...CHORUS

Now you know what to do
Make the choice and raise your voice