What I Gotta Say - Beautiful And Strong

There must be more than this
The only question is
How far I go to find the answer that I need

The noise is deafening
But I can’t help wondering
How far I go to find the deeper side of me

Maybe, I can, believe in me

I want to show you just who I am
Sing you my song
I want to go out and make this stand
I’m beautiful and strong
I want to show you what I can be
As high as open sky
I want to throw down this weight on me
And show the world that I belong
I’m beautiful and strong

I’m starting to believe
My heart is finally free
This one small voice is growing strong inside of me

This is my time to live
Give all that I can give
Become the one that I was always meant to be

This time, I am, ready for the fight


You’re beautiful and strong
I’m beautiful, because You’re beautiful
Lord you’re beautiful and strong