What I Gotta Say - Be Not Afraid

Just an ordinary Man
Who said yes to a plan
Of infinite, extraordinary Love

In a world torn by War
An Actor destined for
A role in the drama of our times

A priest he became and the world would change
He stood up for truth amidst the lies

Then unexpected came the name
A new pope, He stepped forth
and with power he proclaimed…

Be not afraid
Open wide your Hearts
To the love and the life that is Christ
Come let us build
Peace in this world
Let us build, a civilization of Love

Teacher, Leader, servant, friend,
He brings peace, reaches out his hand
Asking forgiveness for the wrongs those in the
Church have done

He exchanged love for hate
Standing at the prison gate
He forgave his assassin’s crime

He travels the earth from sea to sea
With a message of hope for you and me
Will we answer the call, be a light in the dark
‘cause he assures us all … to … (chorus)

To the young he gives hope
And to the old he gives purpose
The light of Christ in his eyes
To the sick he gives comfort
And the hurt he makes whole
John Paul the Second, you’ll live on, you’ll live on.